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Hi, my name is Ashley Graham, and I am a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. My family, which includes my husband, a 22 year old daughter, and a 19 year old son, reside in Tyler, Texas. Graduating with a B.S. in Geology in 1994, I worked for an Environmental Consulting Firm in Pennsylvania and in Texas. After a while, I had two children and was blessed to be able to stay home with them while they were babies. After my son turned three, I started teaching preschool and loved working with children for 15 years. Towards the end of that career, I enrolled in the FMCA (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy) and became a health coach in January 2019.

Battling low energy and thyroid issues since my daughter was born in 1998, I decided to get my thyroid antibodies checked in 2017. At this point I was not sleeping well, had low energy, and my hair was falling out. My results confirmed that I had Hashimotos, which is an autoimmune disease. Through functional medicine strategies (sleep, stress management, nutrition, and movement), I have lowered my antibodies dramatically. These four pillars play a key role in healing your body and putting it back into balance. Nutrition is very key. My conventional endocrinologist at the time had told me that food would have no effect on my body’s condition.

Studying functional medicine has taught me that nutrition is vital to good health. Many issues in your body are caused by inflammation from the food you are eating. Since learning through an elimination diet what causes inflammation in my body, I have been able to customize my diet to my body’s needs and now have a better quality of life.

When I am not coaching, I enjoy hiking, gardening, reading, going to our local Farmer’s Market, being outdoors, listening to health podcasts, cooking with whole foods, and hanging out with family and friends.

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We are in control of our bodies. Whether you want to eat a cleaner diet, add movement into your life, get better quality sleep, or learn ways to manage your stress, I am here to help you become your own best health care advocate and experience life to the fullest!

What Other People Are Saying About Ashley

  Four Pillars Health Coaching and Ashley Graham have made a wonderful impact in my life. I wasn’t actively seeking a coach but had always kind of thought about it. Then I was introduced to Four Pillars and Ashley. Wow, I should have done it years ago!

Ashley works with you to achieve your wellness goals. She isn’t a “one size fits all” coach, she listens to you and understands the mind body connection that is so important. She gets you thinking outside the box, discovering ways that work for you.

I feel happy and energized after talking to Ashley. I am more balanced and focused with a clear path to achieving my goals. I know there may be a few “off” days but, thanks to Four Pillars, I am on track 80% of the time. For me that is huge! If I need a shot of motivation I can text or call Ashley.

I highly recommend Four Pillars and Ashley Graham to anyone looking for an inspirational journey with an extremely knowledgeable wellness coach. I am much healthier, happier, and productive since I discovered Four Pillars.  


Tessa F.
Four Pillars Health Coaching Client

  Ashley has helped me get back on track by connecting me to a healthier lifestyle. She has taught me to eat more nutritiously while incorporating regular exercise. She is extremely supportive and knowledgeable.  


Four Pillars Health Coaching Client

  When I started this diet, I was completely unsure of my ability to stay strong and complete it. Now I know that it’s normal to be afraid, but when you jump into something that is good for you, your mentality and body will change with you. I’ve never been better, after working with Ashley. I notice what hurts my body and I can easily stay away from it. Ashley helped me through many mental blocks as well, sending me personalized plans to help me get through any difficulties. A good outlook is all you need!  


Four Pillars Health Coaching Client

  I’ve had three meetings with Ashley and each one has been a delight. While we have only been acquainted with one another for a few months, when we are visiting it seems though we are old friends. I feel like she truly “gets” me. She understands my health issues and helps me line out realistic, attainable goals. She is quick to celebrate my small successes, and adept at suggesting ways to break through challenges. She’s an inspiration and a positive light in my life and I’m really glad my doc recommended her.  


Four Pillars Health Coaching Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How do I know if health coaching is for me?

Health coaching is for anyone who is ready to make changes but unsure of how to start. Health coaches take the time to listen and help you come up with goals, strategies, and solutions that will work for you.

How do we meet for sessions?

We can meet in person or virtually via Zoom. If clients are in the area, I would love to meet you in person. I work from home; however, I am flexible for in-person meeting locations based upon your preference.

How do I stay on track with my goals?

Once we have prioritized your goals, I will help hold you accountable by staying in frequent contact via email or text. We will also figure out what motivates you to achieve these goals, and if an initial goal becomes decidedly too overwhelming, we can take a step back and revise goals to be more manageable. My objective is to help you make changes that are effective and long term in a judgement-free environment. Revising goals does not equal failure; it is an essential part of the process in order to customize the method in which you achieve better health to your needs.

How much do coaching sessions cost?

Please refer to the “Packages” page. You can also email me with any questions regarding prices.

How many sessions will it take to see results?

This depends on the person and their goals. Success is not how fast you achieve your goals but instead your dedication to behavior change and improvement. As we meet, we will be frequently revising goals to fit your needs and timeline. If at any time you are unsatisfied with the rate of progress you are making, this is an issue we will discuss honestly and resolve by reassessing your personal motivators and what works for you.

I have tried diets before, but they never worked long term. How is having a health coach different?

Diets have three fundamental flaws by design: they are only meant to be temporary, they are supposed to apply to all body types equally, and they do not consider the other pillars of health that directly depend upon nutrition. Getting poor sleep at night makes you less likely to have the energy to work out or make healthy food choices. Poor stress management can cause uncontrollable cravings to increase and quality of sleep to decrease. All four pillars of health are connected, and the way these pillars operate and interact depends on each unique person’s body and mind. This means that healthy living plans must be customized to your unique needs and limits, and plans that only focus on one aspect of health without considering the big picture and root causes will never become a sustainable solution. My job is to help you understand how your four pillars are connected and how you can take control of your health long term. I am here to help hold you accountable as well as to act as your support system in your personal journey to a better quality of life.

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