“Health is not the mere absence of illness, but a continual striving to
live a life that is full, meaningful, zestful and exuberant.”
-Don Ardell


Coaching Services

Positive Psychology

As a coach, I will use positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and SMART goal setting to help you on your journey. We will co-create a goal, and I will hold you accountable through email, texts, etc. The goal is to create a judgement-free environment where we adjust goals based on what you can do.

If you have a tough week and cannot meet a goal you have set for yourself, you are not failing; you are learning the needs and limits of your body. Remember small shifts can make a huge difference in your health and quality of life! Slow, steady progress is the key to making lasting change in your life.

Our Packages

Every client will receive a free 30 minute consultation. After the consultation you will decide which package you would like to continue with on your health journey. The packages are made up of individual sessions, bundled packages, and packages focused on families and detoxification.

You design the coaching schedule with days and times that work best for you. We can meet weekly or every two weeks. We will meet in person, via Zoom, or Facetime. During these sessions we will be co-creating a plan to help your body shift to a healing state and you become your best self!

30 Minute Complimentary Consultation

This consultation will let the two of us get to know each other.  You can then decide if you would like to continue working with me. 

Individual Session

$50- Each session runs 45 minutes

These sessions would be for someone who is wanting to work on a small goal that would only take around three sessions to get results and form a habit.

Bundled Packages

$200 – This package consists of 5 sessions and is for those interested in achieving significant goals in one pillar (e.g. developing nutrition goals tailored to your needs).

$400 – This package consists of 10 sessions and is for those interested in achieving significant goals in multiple pillars (e.g. diving deeper into goals for stress management while incorporating easy nutrition and movement goals).

Healthy Habits for Kids Package

$200 – This package will consist of 5 sessions focusing on how to incorporate healthy habits for your child, helping them to thrive as they grow! Topics included:  healthy snacks, healthy school lunches, picky eater strategies, stress management techniques for difficult situations, bedtime rituals, etc.

How to Eliminate Toxic Products from Your Home and Self-care Routine

$150 – This package will consist of 3 sessions that will focus on how to eliminate toxins from your home and from your self-care routine.  I will provide information on research as well as alternatives to these products.  There will also be DIY information, so you can make products at home if you would like.

Healthy Habits for Kids Package (GROUP)

$150 per person – This package is similar to the Healthy Habits for Kids Package, but will be presented for a group of 2 to 4 people.  Invite your friends to join you.

My Family

Our family out enjoying nature in beautiful Wisconsin! [Alyssa (daughter), Steve (husband), and Jonathan (son)]